There are a multitude of commands which are available to players, but not all of them are standard in Flyff. This is a list of the ones that are custom to Fly For Sky.

Command ListEdit

  • /PenyaToPerin or /ptp - Converts as much of your penya to perins as is possible.
  • /Ping - Displays your ping.
    • Ping is the amount of time it takes to send data to the server and receive a response, combined. This metric is measured in milliseconds.
  • /gmlist - Displays a list of online game masters. If none, it gives advice on how to seek out assistance.
  • /count - Displays a count of people online on the world server that you're logged into.
  • /findparty or /fp - Open the party finder window.
    • The party finder is a list of parties which are marked as a "Public Party" in the party window; they are free to join at leisure.
  • /Timer - Opens a window detailing when the next guild war and the next FFA siege are.
    • Timer displays most events that place a timer on your character. For example, Timer will also display the time until you can re-enter an Instance Dungeon you've cleared.
  • /Wiki - Opens the item wiki window.
    • The item wiki is a window which allows you to search for any item in the game and see information on it by hovering over the icon of the item in question. You can also double-click the item and it will a preview of your character wearing the item, if applicable.