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This page is up to date as of: September 7, 2015.

Fly For Sky has a ton of custom titles. This page will describe the titles, and tell you how to get them.

Name How To Get
Captain Asuras Dominator Kill 6000 Captain Asuras
Stat Confused Restat 15 times.
Gender Confused Transy 15 times.
EXP Hoarder Use Amplification ES (S) 21 times.
Sephorian Use a 2 day Sephora Ticket 14 times.
Dedicated Sephorian Use a 5 day Sephora Ticket 14 times.
Addicted Sephorian Use an 11 day Sephora Ticket 14 times.[1]
Jewel Hoarder Kill the Jewel Hoarder 50 times.
The Last Man Standing Kill the Clockworks God 2 times.
Late Adopter Use 10 Stones of Charged Prime.
Asal-Hole Use 10 Stones of BP's Primeful Lust.
Elite Templar Become a Templar
Elite Slayer Become a Slayer
Elite Harlequin Become a Harlequin
Elite Crackshooter Become a Crackshooter
Elite Seraph Become a Seraph
Elite Force Master Become a Force Master
Elite Mentalist Become a Mentalist
Elite Arcanist Become an Arcanist
Dragonborn Kill God Meteonyker 2 times.
Golden Kill Golden Clockworks 5 times.
I Am My Own Father Kill The Father 1 time.
I Shouldn't Have Done That Kill Corrupt BEN 1 time.
I've Met With A Terrible Fate Kill Supreme BEN 1 time.
Drowned Kill 25 Moon Children
Fuck The Moon Kill 20 Elite Moon Children.
Soul Purged Kill Shemhazai 1 time.
Psychedelic Tester Kill 20 Damage Sponges.
Mr. Badass Kill 5 Golen Zu Evilblades.
Chief Of The Wild Kill 5 Chief Maukuns.
Iblis's Protector Kill 5 Iblis's Guardians.
Lavaborn Kill 5 [God of Lava] Oukan Peles.
Bluewinged Death Kill 5 Bluewinged Duchess's.
Warning: Badass ATK & HP Use 10 Stones of SuperCharged Prime.
Sunblocker Use 10 Stones of Charged Block Prime.
High on Hacks Use 10 Festive Pill of One-Hit-Kills.
Experienced EXP Experience. Use 10 Scroll of Amplification B's.
Skylander Use the Divinium Caleus Ticket 5 Times.
H2O Tolerant Use the Aquanoras Blinkwing 5 Times.
Dungeon Explorer Use the Aquatica Cave Blinkwing 5 Times.
BEN Use the ??? Blinkwing 10 Times.
Child Of The Moon Kill 50 Moon Children.
Brought The Moon Down Kill 40 Elite Moon Children.
Undefeated Use 25 Festive Pill of One-Hit-Kills.
A+ EXP Hunter Use 5 Scroll of Amplification A's.
Good Enough Reach Level 185.
I Tried Reach Level 187.
Master of the Skies Reach Level 188.
Flew to the Skies Reach Level 190.
God Do the unthinkable.
  1. You can find 11 Day Sephora Tickets by opening level 150 Treasure Chests or by leveling a couple.