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The God Clockworks is probably the strongest monster ever in terms of pure power. It mainly spawns during the Last Man Standing event, but it has taken refuge in his Lair recently. His stats are below.

God Clockwork AttributesEdit


Name Level Hp Def Magic Def Str Sta Dex Int Atk EXP
Clockworks God 180 202,582,890 260 115 1200 900 900 2000 272,766 ~ 342,291 1,549,864,550


God Clockworks is commonly found in the Last Man Standing event, and it spawns in the God Clockworks' Lair map. You can get there via blinkwing from Is.

Special Abilities Edit

God Clockworks can use the following skills:

  • Same Attack style as the level 80 Clockworks with an increased damage.


God Clockworks drops Clockwork Weapons and shields. He also drops regular +20 rings and earrings, and a lesser chance for +15 Divine accessory set parts.