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This page is up to date as of: December 28, 2015.

Lusaka's Crystal Weapons in Fly For Sky have much different stats then Crystal Weapons in eFlyff. Lusaka Crystal Weapons are agreed upon by most players that they are one of the best weapons in-game, probably only rivaled by the illusive Spectral Weapons and BEN Weapons. Lusaka's Crystal Weapons can be bought from the Crystal Lusaka Trading Center for 32,000 Happy Money. They are the most expensive item to be bought with happy money in the game. Only the Crystal Shield can drop from monsters. It drops from Ankou, Kalgas, Kheldor, and the King of All Hallow's Eve, and is a rare drop . Except for the Heavy Sword and Axe, all Crystal Lusaka weapons are one handed. All Crystal Lusaka weapons are Ultimate, and are Soul Linked. The stats that they give are below.

Name Weapon Type Level Hands Used Base Attack Stat #1 Stat #2 Stat #3 Stat #4 Stat #5
Lusaka's Crystal Sword Sword 160 1 5635~5642 +200 STR +200% ADOCH +150% HP NA NA
Lusaka's Heavy Crystal Sword Sword 160 2 5824~5829 +400% HP +250 STA +65% Critical Hit Blocker NA NA
Lusaka's Crystal Axe Axe 160 1 5628~5633 +210% ATK +200 STR +35% Melee Block Breaker NA NA
Lusaka's Heavy Crystal Axe Axe 160 2 5841~5844 +300 STR +250% ATK +150% HP NA NA
Lusaka's Crystal Fist Knuckle 160 1 5630~5633 +350% MP +250 INT +250% HP NA NA
Lusaka's Crystal Stick Stick 160 1 5710~5715 +200% Magic Mastery +133% DCT +250 INT +200 All Stats NA
Lusaka's Crystal Wand Wand 160 1 5708~5712 +360% Magic Mastery +360 INT +200% HP NA NA
Lusaka's Crystal Staff Staff/Stave 160 1 5711~5716 +300% Mastery: All Elements +275 INT +250% HP NA NA
Lusaka's Crystal Bow Bow 160 1 5696~5702 +350 DEX +300% ATK +300% HP NA NA
Lusaka's Crystal Yo-Yo Yo-Yo 160 1 5630~5634 +230 STR +220% ATK +30% Melee Block Breaker NA NA
Crystal Shield Shield 185 Shield Slot DEF 1799~1801 +100 All Stats +90% ATK +90% HP +75% MP +50% DCT

The Crystal SetEdit

As of recently, the Crystal Weapons are no longer a part of The Crystal Jewelry Set. Only the Crystal Shield is still a part of the Crystal Set.