Sephora MiniMap

Minimap view of Sephora

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Sephora is a custom Fly For Sky map. It was the very first custom map to be put in-game. Sephora is special because it is home to some bosses not normally accessible through other means, as well as a few that are. This includes, but is not limited to:

  • Clockworks
  • Golden Clockworks
  • Lord Clockworks Alpha
  • Red Meteonyker
  • Asmodan
  • Golan Zu Heavyblade
  • Jewel Hoarder, a custom monster that drops jewels.
  • Deathbringer Kheldor
  • Iblis Guardian
  • Iblis Perpetrator

Sephora is split into three parts: Regular Sephora, the Sephora Outskirts, and Golden Clockwork's Mountain.

Regular SephoraEdit

Regular Sephora is what the player will first see when they use the Sephora Ticket. This area is the part that contains Clockworks, Red Meteonyker, Asmodan, Golan Zu Heavyblade, Lord Clockworks Alpha, and only a few Nyx. Regular Sephora connects with the Sephora Outskirts and Golden Clockwork's Mountain.

  • The spawn point in Sephora.
  • Location of Red Meteonyker in Sephora.
  • Location of Alpha Clockworks in Sephora.
  • Location of Clockworks in Sephora.
  • Location of the Sephora Outskirts.
  • Minimap view of Sephora.

Sephora OutskirtsEdit

"No one knows why it is dark here, nor why the grass is dying. Its' climate is completely different than the rest of Sephora Island that people debate whether it is apart of Sephora or not."

The Sephora Outskirts are completely different from the rest of sephora. An example for instance is the fact that it is darker, gloomier, and always raining. The grass is also dying in certain areas. This area of sephora contains a larger Nyx spawn than regular Sephora, and also contains the Jewel Hoarders. The Jewel Hoarder is a special custom monster that, when defeated, drops jewels. If you're looking to level up your Hero skill, or just pierce your Ultimate weapons, defeating these monsters is a good idea.

Golden Clockwork's MountainEdit

The highest point in Sephora, the mountain contains Golden Clockwork's spawn. Due to his presence there, all the trees and grass has died.


  • When first working on Sephora, its codename was "Epic"
  • Sephora is the first added map that contained monsters. The second was Aquanoras.