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Originally, this was apart of the Faceless Item upgrading route. However, due to an influx of ban hammers, and not enough Rings, they were separated. The Banless Hammerless Item is the first item in this route. This item would look like a banhammer without its texture; basically, a white banhammer. However, it would look like an axe in the inventory. To 'evolve' it, players have to make it a unique item. Currently, it is available in the Red Chip Shop.

Name Atk Speed
The Banless Hammerless Item 500~700 Fastest (+22%ATKSPD)

The Hammerless ItemEdit

After players made the Banless Hammerless Item Ultimate, they got the Hammerless Item. Again, it would look like a white Banhammer, and players have to make it a ultimate item in order to evolve it.

Name Atk Speed
The Hammerless Item 700~700 Fastest (+22%ATKSPD)

The Banless ItemEdit

Another white banhammer, players got this after they ultimated the Hammerless Item. Players have to make it a unique item in order to see the reward.

Name Atk Speed
The Banless Item 800~800 Fastest (+22%ATKSPD)

The Ban HammerEdit

After players Uniqued the Banless Item, they got the Ban Hammer. This time, it has the regular Banhammer texture and inventory Icon, and even the stats ( although a little different) of the original, GM-Only Banhammer.

Name Atk Speed Stat #1 Stat #2 Stat #3 Weapon Grade
The Ban Hammer 1~3000 Fastest (+22%ATKSPD) +75 All Stats -70% HP +60% ATK Green - Unique

The Ultimate Ban HammerEdit

If players followed the clue on The Ban Hammer's description, they would try to make it an Ultimate weapon. Once they succeeded, they received the true knockoff, The Ultimate Ban Hammer

Name Atk Speed Stat #1 Stat #2 Stat #3 Weapon Grade
The Ultimate Ban Hammer 1329~10833 Fastest (+22%ATKSPD) +350 All Stats +350% ATK -60% PvP Damage Purple - Ultimate