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This page will detail the evolving Faceless Item. The Faceless Item is available through the quest "The Forsaken Weapon" from Jeff in Flaris. This quest is only available after completing the The Forsaken Item Chain Quest. Upon completing the The Forsaken Weapon Quest, you get this item. It can turn into a Nameless Item if you make the Faceless Item unique.

Name Atk Speed
The Faceless Item 1~400 Fastest (+22%ATKSPD)

The Nameless ItemEdit

Once made Unqiue, the Faceless Item turns into the Nameless Item. To evolve the Nameless Item, you have to make it Ultimate.

Name Atk Speed
The Nameless Item 100~500 Fastest (+22%ATKSPD)

The Nameless, Faceless ItemEdit

After players make the Nameless Item Ultimate, it evolves into the Nameless, Faceless Item. Players have to unique it again for the final result.

Name Atk Speed
The Nameless, Faceless Item 300~600 Fastest (+22%ATKSPD)

The Nameless Faceless RingEdit

"Congratulations. You've finally found me, Nameless Faceless."

Players got the Nameless Faceless Ring after they Uniqued the The Nameless, Faceless Item. It is unqiue in that, once fully upgraded, gives 5 stats, and that it has a level 100 requirement. It is also unqiue in that its stats switch per upgrade level (An example is going from +2 -> +3, +11 Str -> -12 Str. Another one would be +5 -> +6, +12 Str -> 10% Atk)

Upgrade (+) Stat#1 Stat#2 Stat#3 Stat#4
0 +10 Str N/A N/A N/A
1 +11 Str N/A N/A N/A
2 +11 Str N/A N/A N/A
3 -12 Str N/A N/A N/A
4 +12 Str N/A N/A N/A
5 +12 Str N/A N/A N/A
6 10% Atk N/A N/A N/A
7 -10% Atk +10 Sta N/A N/A
8 10% Atk +11 Sta N/A N/A
9 12% Atk +15 Sta N/A N/A
10 14% Atk +15 Sta N/A N/A
11 15% Atk -25 Sta N/A N/A
12 16% Atk +2 INT +2 STR +2 DEX
13 17% Atk All Stats +2 N/A N/A
14 18% Atk All Stats +3 -1000 Hp N/A
15 18% Atk All Stats +4 -700 Hp N/A
16 20% Atk All Stats +5 -400 Hp N/A
17 21% Atk All Stats -10 +5% Hp N/A
18 22% Atk All Stats -15 +5% Hp -5% ADOCH
19 23% Atk All Stats +20 -7% Hp 5% ADOCH
20 45% Atk All Stats +40 15% Hp 15% ADOCH


  • The old text when this page was discovered: Congratulations! If you've found this page, this means you've found the easter egg AND uncovered the next event! Yes, thats right! This item will be made + used in an up coming event. It will be a TRANSFORMING item. =P

The Faceless Item was an event evolving item chain. Players got it from drops of any level monster. It is invisible, meaning you would have to have a good eye, or use a pickup pet to find it in drops. Once players found it, they had to make it an Unique item. This 'chain' originally had 6 parts to it, but it was cut into seperate parts. Originally, you would ultimate it all the way to the Ban Hammer, and then to the Ring. But you can only get the Ban Hammer through the Banless Hammerless Item chain.